POSTED ON 2019-09-20

2016 Venice International Architecture Biennale

First shown at the Venice International Architecture Biennale in 2016, with large-scale intricately detailed wooden models, powerfully moving photographs, and statistical and narrative text, this exhibition finally arrives home opening on the 3rd October at the Old Court House Museum in the Durban’s Civic Precinct. Andrew Makin will deliver the key-note address.

Warwick Junction is eThekwini’s primary Intermodal Transport Interchange. As is the case across the world, transport interchanges are catalysts of almost incomparable commercial activity.

With an estimated R1.2bn [USD 81.6m] annual turnover, Warwick Junction is no different.

Except for the stand-out reality that at Warwick this directly benefits between 6000 and 8000 people, a stark comparison to a similar amount exchanged in a sub-regional shopping mall directly benefiting approximately 1000 people.

When poverty, wealth disparity and joblessness in South Africa are at least in part a result of agglomerated supply chains, this highly distributive, culturally embedded economic model is literally life-savingly critical.

Revealed in breathtaking models of the entire core of the Central Business District as well as the Traditional Medicine Market, Roger Jardine and Dennis Gilbert’s acclaimed images of the human networks that supply and trade this market, as well as statistic information and narrative texts from the individual people at its heart, the exhibition opens up one of the most deeply rooted, intriguing and compelling human enterprises within this and many other African, Latin American and Asian cities in particular.

Having designed both the Traditional Medicine Market and the original Venice Biennale exhibition, Designworkshop proudly invites you to experience it, and through it, the indigenous economic engine, the people, products and practices that drive it.


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