The project is for three houses that can be either independent or connected. The subtleties in the relationship between the individual and the collective plays out all the time in daily life, but here they are specifically enabled in the spatial configuration.

All three houses open towards each other across a shared courtyard, away from each other with independent views and relationships to the landscape, and across each other at the double-height porches on their connecting corners.

The main house is positioned on the contour, facing front-on to the dramatic view down the coastline. Its two bedrooms open through sliding partitions into the upper volume of a central living space. The kitchen and media-room open into it’s lower volume. By criss-crossing this volume in the course of everyday life, the lounge and dining area becomes a covered ‘public space’, an internal equivalent of the adjacent courtyard.

At ninety degrees, the other two houses step down the contour with their short ends facing their primary view, making the journey up and down the slope between the bedrooms and the living space a journey to and from the coastline, an internal ritual corresponding to the daily pilgrimage to and from the beach.


Igoda River Mouth, Eastern Cape


Interior, Residential


SAIA Award of Excellence (2010)




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4001, South Africa

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