Business performance is directly affected by its spatial environment, either enabling, mediating or hindering interconnectivity, communication, ideas exchange and workflow. Work environments also have a significant influence on working atmosphere, the projection of brand vision, values and attributes and therefore talent attraction and retention.

Our starting point was to rigorously understand the business objectives, spatial requirements, operational systems, work-teams and relationship with information technology. Then to explore the range of spatial, visual and acoustic conditions required to optimise performance and positively influence the working atmosphere.

This process revealed a clear distinction between activities that worked best in variously defined and enclosed spaces, and those that worked better in fluid open space. Re-imagining the typical open office floor as a terrain, we enclosed the defined spaces in either wood, glass or a combination, and dispersed them in optimal operational relationship to each other with supporting open-plan and circulation in the in-between spaces.

A combination of materials, deeply shadowed and contrasting bright environments, sidewalk-like furniture settings and lighting all connect this internal landscape with the materiality, character and atmosphere of the coastal environment in which it’s located.


uMhlanga Ridge, KwaZulu-Natal


Commercial, Interior, Space Planning





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