LIV provides a holistic living environment for up to 650 orphaned and vulnerable children in a traditional village structure. The primary social unit is a family of six children and their surrogate mother, each living in their own house, with up to 10 houses either sharing a common pedestrian ‘street’ or a courtyard.

Education, health and social services, administration and governance, business, operations, communication platforms, recreation, and manufacturing and agricultural production that are a normal part of the urban environment are also all part of this sustainable village ecology. This makes it possible to arrive at LIV as a destitute baby and graduate as a skilled adult with guaranteed employment opportunities either within the village or in one of a number of LIV’s private-sector commercial funding operations.

Urban movement systems and spatial and building typologies provide the structure for planned and incidental interaction and exchange common to the traditional village, town or city. At a rock-bottom construction budget, the least possible construction elements are used in the most familiar and simple, efficient, effective and durable way so that limited funding can be spread as far as it can possibly go.


Cottonlands, KwaZulu-Natal hinterland


Institutional, Mixed-use, Office, Residential


SAIA Commendation (2016)




94 Florida Road, Durban
4001, South Africa

T +27 (0)31 303 5191
F +27 (0)31 303 5198

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